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Our news bulletins aim to highlight some of the most significant recent developments in UK employment law and practice. Colina Greenway is always happy to discuss the impact of these and other developments on particular client circumstances.

Supreme Court rules Employment Tribunal fee regime unlawful

The Supreme Court has today handed down a unanimous judgement declaring the Employment Tribunal fees regime introduced in July 2013 unlawful on the grounds that it restricts access to justice, contrary to both common law and European Union legal principles.

Major changes to employment tribunal rules

With effect from Monday 29th July a number of radical changes to the employment tribunal system used for litigating all statutory employment claims and smaller contract claims arising from employment or its termination will take effect.

Government Consultation on Employment Tribunal Fees

The Ministry of Justice has issued a consultation paper on possible charging regimes for making claims in the Employment Tribunals and Employment Appeal Tribunal. Currently claimants pay nothing to bring a claim in these forums, an anomaly in the civil justice system.

Government consultation on resolving workplace disputes

The Coalition Government has launched a consultation on ways to encourage early resolution of workplace disputes. Although there is a clear agenda to cut the cost of running the employment tribunal service, which has seen significant rises in claims during the recession, the Government believes that changes to increase labour market flexibility will encourage employers to take on more staff, thereby stimulating the economy.

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