UK employment law news

Our news bulletins aim to highlight some of the most significant recent developments in UK employment law and practice. Colina Greenway is always happy to discuss the impact of these and other developments on particular client circumstances.

Guidance for employers on social networking policies

The phenomenal rise in the use of social networking sites for both personal and business purposes may put employers in uncharted waters e.g. in the use of postings on such sites in recruitment or disciplinary proceedings.

New immigration category for exceptionally talented migrants

The UK government has announced a new points-based immigration category designed to attract the brightest and the best workers to the UK. The new Tier 1 (Exceptional talent) category will open on August 2011, with up to 1,000 visas available in the first year for outstanding talents in the fields of science, engineering and the humanities.

DBIS launches “Consultation on Modern Workplace”

Consultation on proposals to “encourage greater choice by giving employers and employees the flexibility to find arrangements that suit them both” has been announced. Proposals include flexible parental leave and the extension of the right to request flexible working to all employees.

DBIS publishes guidance on Agency Worker Regulations 2010 implementation

The Agency Worker Regulations 2010 come into effect on 1 October 2010 and require that on completion of a 12 week qualifying period temporary agency workers receive the same basic pay and conditions as comparable employees in the hirer organisation. Agency workers will also be entitled to equal access to facilities such as canteens, parking spaces and crèche facilities provided by the hiring organisation from day 1 of any work assignment.